Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Attempt Number One

I stayed up to 2 in the morning making this dress, giving myself a nasty burn in the process (my first of many sewing related injuries to come) and learnt a lot about taking it slow. At one point I run over my finger with the sewing machine giving myself a nasty bruise – let’s just say my sewing machine hates me (and say nothing about the operator).  

I used an old bed sheet I bought at the op-shop for 2.50, it had some weird dark stains on it but nothing that a little stain remover couldn’t fix and a good soak. I made a pattern from a basic bodice block I made a while ago and just altered it to suit my needs. The bodice is fully lined with the same material and just a simple gathered skirt.

This was the first project that I didn’t sew something on back to front or inside out! No unpicking YAY!

I was happy with the result but could have taken more care. I promise I will get better with taking photos too (I really should iron things before I take photos but I was too excited).

Nasty burn on my elbow


  1. Nice dress! My mom made me a shift type dress from a light pink floral sheet when I graduated the 8th grade. I wore a white pinafore over it, that someone had given me. The pinafore had 3-4 red buttons in the middle just above the waist. My older sister said I had the cutest dress of all the class. I wish I had a picture. I would love to see it now.I was so nervous, I don't remember a thing from that night.That was in 1961.

  2. looks cute megan. "they" say you're not a real sewer until youve run your finger over lol.