Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Attempt Number One

I stayed up to 2 in the morning making this dress, giving myself a nasty burn in the process (my first of many sewing related injuries to come) and learnt a lot about taking it slow. At one point I run over my finger with the sewing machine giving myself a nasty bruise – let’s just say my sewing machine hates me (and say nothing about the operator).  

I used an old bed sheet I bought at the op-shop for 2.50, it had some weird dark stains on it but nothing that a little stain remover couldn’t fix and a good soak. I made a pattern from a basic bodice block I made a while ago and just altered it to suit my needs. The bodice is fully lined with the same material and just a simple gathered skirt.

This was the first project that I didn’t sew something on back to front or inside out! No unpicking YAY!

I was happy with the result but could have taken more care. I promise I will get better with taking photos too (I really should iron things before I take photos but I was too excited).

Nasty burn on my elbow

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Party Inspiration

It is so hard to find the perfect party dress, one that is comfortable and practical yet still stylish. The girls have arranged for a night out on Saturday night (close deadline I know I don’t recommend making a dress the same day as wearing it) which called for an occasion to make a new dress: time to get inspired.

 Picture Source: modcloth

I cannot go past a good sweetheart bodice and gathered skirt. I find that most of the dresses I buy are like this (it can’t hurt to make just one more). I want it to stand out because as of late all my clothes are BLACK … not a good look when you have dark hair – makes me look like a goth. I have some BRIGHT pink or BRIGHT yellow material that I might utilize.
I am thinking nothing too extravagant considering I am only a beginner. Just a simple bodice made of two parts, a gathered skirt attached and a side zip. I want to be able to wear a belt with it so I can’t really do anything fancy where the skirt and bodice join.
This is starting to sound like my kind of project – simple, straight forward, easy!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Start of Something...

Ever since stumbling across BurdaStyle in my very “productive” googling sessions at work I was drawn to all the amazing creations sewers across the world had made themselves. It seemed like in only a few clicks I staggered across the incredible world of sewing blogs. I instantly fell in love. Everyone was so amazingly talented I spend hours browsing through blog after blog page of handmade wonders.

It took little deliberation before I was determined to do the same. Researching the best sewing machines for beginners and arming myself with enough knowledge to be confident in sewing I was set to start my self-made adventure. It seemed ages since I had got behind the wheel of a sewing machine – learning from my mum as a young girl and doing textiles at school was hardly enough to prepare me for the techniques and procedures of sewing properly.

It was easy enough to jump head first into something like this but I quickly learnt that: ‘patience is a virtue’ and lots of it is needed in sewing. I am very much the type of person that just wants to finish a task and finish it quickly – so not the case with sewing. So to say that I got frustrated quickly was an understatement, but after taking a deep breath and slowing down it was fun. I still rush through some parts of sewing but I am still learning and will have amazing fun doing so.