Friday, September 24, 2010

The Start of Something...

Ever since stumbling across BurdaStyle in my very “productive” googling sessions at work I was drawn to all the amazing creations sewers across the world had made themselves. It seemed like in only a few clicks I staggered across the incredible world of sewing blogs. I instantly fell in love. Everyone was so amazingly talented I spend hours browsing through blog after blog page of handmade wonders.

It took little deliberation before I was determined to do the same. Researching the best sewing machines for beginners and arming myself with enough knowledge to be confident in sewing I was set to start my self-made adventure. It seemed ages since I had got behind the wheel of a sewing machine – learning from my mum as a young girl and doing textiles at school was hardly enough to prepare me for the techniques and procedures of sewing properly.

It was easy enough to jump head first into something like this but I quickly learnt that: ‘patience is a virtue’ and lots of it is needed in sewing. I am very much the type of person that just wants to finish a task and finish it quickly – so not the case with sewing. So to say that I got frustrated quickly was an understatement, but after taking a deep breath and slowing down it was fun. I still rush through some parts of sewing but I am still learning and will have amazing fun doing so.


  1. Great start darling daughter! I love the way that you are going to sew yourself into a frenzy!

    Dad x

  2. What sewing machines did you look at? I am seriously a beginner crafter - coming from the web world I am no DIY-er!!! I would love to know what machine you ended up getting.

    The link to BurdaStyle is just too much for me right now! I want to make EVERYTHING on it! - if one day I can make this, I will be in heaven!

    Great stuff Megan - keep it up. Let us know what goodies you find out there.

    warmest regards,

  3. Welcome,Megan,from Ky.USA,! I have been following your Dad's blog for a bit, and have enjoyed sharing ideas with him. I know you will do the world a great service,with your blog,too. There is a big demand these days,for learning new ways to save both,money and the earth.We need all the help we can get.Thanks for your contribution.

  4. Hey, I'm following your dad too, who kindly pointed the way here. I love to sew, in a basic fashion, can't wait to see how your blog develops!

  5. Thanks everyone, it is so great to hear such wonderful words of encouragement.

    Rebecca - I ended up grabing a great deal from a sewing machine wholesaler in Werribee. I got a Janome Overlocker 204D and Sewing Machine JR 1012 (just basic models) for a total of $600 - major BARGIN for brand new machines.

  6. Here are some more blogs you might like (I know, there are trillions of blogs, and plenty of them are sewing/ crafty types!):

    Are there some sewing classes in your area you could sign up for?