Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vintage Love

Lately I have been a little MIA and I am sorry. I haven’t had much time these last two weekends to do any sewing which is upsetting in itself. I have been working on some new garments and gathering inspiration from various locations. I love the vintage look that is starting to emerge in the blogging word. I like the subtle looks that work in vintage pieces and colours into the mix.
The best place to find vintage pieces is in thrift stores. Buried deep in those stores is a treasure trove of goodies that can jazz up the simplest outfit. I have recently been searching for a good pair of shoes from the op shop but no such luck because I am size gigantic and can never find shoes in my size in the stores let alone a second hand store. I should probably take my search online to shops like etsy but I fear that doing it that way would make it 10 times more expensive than just finding it in the store.

Keiko Lynn leaves me in jewelry box envy. I love that the majority of the pieces are vintage.

Picture Source: ModCloth

I am in love with these skirts. The multi layer is such a simple twist on the normal gathered skirt. I think I am going to try one myself this week. I have some deep purple fabric that grabbed for a bargain at a market for 99C per meter that I am not sure what it is but we shall see how it turns out.


  1. Thanks for that I will need all the luck I can get.