Saturday, September 25, 2010

Party Inspiration

It is so hard to find the perfect party dress, one that is comfortable and practical yet still stylish. The girls have arranged for a night out on Saturday night (close deadline I know I don’t recommend making a dress the same day as wearing it) which called for an occasion to make a new dress: time to get inspired.

 Picture Source: modcloth

I cannot go past a good sweetheart bodice and gathered skirt. I find that most of the dresses I buy are like this (it can’t hurt to make just one more). I want it to stand out because as of late all my clothes are BLACK … not a good look when you have dark hair – makes me look like a goth. I have some BRIGHT pink or BRIGHT yellow material that I might utilize.
I am thinking nothing too extravagant considering I am only a beginner. Just a simple bodice made of two parts, a gathered skirt attached and a side zip. I want to be able to wear a belt with it so I can’t really do anything fancy where the skirt and bodice join.
This is starting to sound like my kind of project – simple, straight forward, easy!


  1. I particularly like the bottom one, would be great to find a 'vintage' (read: second hand!) embroidered tablecloth to use... but I vote make a pink dress, and being Spring you could wear it with some coloured silk flowers (if that's your thing)! Good luck... don't forget photos!

  2. I think you could make a simple black dress and use the pink and yellow fabric to try making some smaller accessories. Like floral headband or brooch that you can pin to your dress.

    This way you make a dress that you would definitely wear again (black never goes out of fashion) and also get to try to make some cute accessories!

    This site has a DIY tutorial for flowers which look super simple to make.

    Also - modcloth always have the cutest dresses! If only shipping to Australia was cheaper!!!!

  3. If you havent already, spend some time making a strong cardboard basic block pattern with your own measurements(test and adjust using an old sheet or other scraps). from there you can make any pattern. i was in the fashion industry for 14 years (6 self employed)the last 3 as a patternmaker so if you need any help? just ask

  4. Hi Megan
    Very excited to follow your journey into sewing. I've only just become the proud new owner of a sewing machine and am yet to tackle any big projects. I am also an op-shop fan and have bought many 2nd hand sheets with great visions of a new wardrobe.
    Here's to some fabulous sewing adventures!

  5. I am always on the lookout for large amount of fabric (whether it be bed sheets or table cloths) at op shops because the fabric is so cheap!