Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Favourite Season...

Is the party season and it is fast approaching! I made this skirt out if fabric from a failed dress I tried to make a while ago.

I love it because it is so simple to make and so simple to dress up with any top! I am planning to wear this to my friend C's 19th Birthday party this coming weekend so I am all ready! Not last minute sewing and getting frustrated hours before the party. I think that I should be this ahead with my sewing for occasions every time.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Summer is coming...

Everywhere I look I can't help but notice every one's skirts. I think that I could go all this summer in just skirts - if I could. I think that I thought to highly of my skirt making skills, having a 'it can't be that hard' sort of attitude towards making them. But as I have started to try it for myself I realise how wrong I was. It takes skill to making skirts and steady hands (putting bias binding on things looks easy but it is far from).

This skirt is one of the my favourites that I have made. I can not only wear it out but it is also casual enough for every day wear.

My sneaky little helper

Thoroughly enjoying themselves

Posing for the camera

I actually made the skirt a week ago but I had to wait for my tri-pod which my sister A picked up for me after the silly shop still (after 3 weeks) hadn't posted to me.

Happy sewing!