Monday, December 20, 2010

News Years Eve

For New Years Eve I shall be going to a nightclub in the city and in order to get entry into the club you have to wear white. This limits my imaginative options with the colour but opens up new doors because of the style of outfit that I will need to make.
So to break it down:
·         I have less than 2 weeks to make an outfit
·         Has to have white incorporated in it
·         Nightclub style dress
I have scoured the internet for inspiration and have gone to my trusted idol Lauren Conrad for inspiration.

picture sources:,,

I really like the white dress in the middle with the silver skirt however I wouldn't make it that revealing however I do love the low back. Let me know your thoughts.


  1. yeah a bit scant in the cleavage area(sure dad would agree). the bubble skirt look seems to be making a comeback (yeah they were around in the 80s when i was your age)...have you worked out how to get that effect...if not....its simple you make your skirt a bit more flared thru all the panels, allow a deep hem of about 15cm then gather that onto a slimmer underskirt, shorter by 13cm (giving a 1cm seam) then tack the waists together then add to waistband or fold over for elastic or attach to bodice etc. that way the skirt puffs out and the hemline stays soft. hope that makes sense.

  2. hmm re-reading maybe i wasnt so clear, skirt cut to 15 cm longer than required finished length and the underskirt/lining 13cm shorter than desired length, gather outer hemline and join to hem of lining with a 1cm seam.

  3. Thanks for that Brendi, I understood the first time =]

    I really can't wait to go fabric shopping!